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Welcome to the REXTRA!

Since the beginning of the 90s REXTRA has been attempting to make all kinds of medical items that are needed for doctors available at its shops in one place at favourable prices. In our sales network consists of 25 shops total 120 medical experts are at our customers’ disposal. REXTRA is selling products of internationally well-known companies such as – among others – the German KaWe, Bosch, Riester, Soehnle, the US 3M, the Italian Fazzini and Remco Italia. REXTRA also has its own ECG paper production facility in Hungary. We undertake to equip GP’s complete consulting rooms including furniture, office equipment and medical items. Our consulting engineers help our customers to find and choose the best equipment to their needs. Please contact us with your inquiries with full confidence.

Hungary. A 1120 years old beautiful country in the heart of Europe. A top tourist destination welcoming more than 1 million visitors each year thanks to its hospitality, its fascinating natural wonders such as the largest lake in Central-Europe named Lake Balaton, its fascinating capital city Budapest, and many more to name.

Not to mention its cuisine. Everyone heard about the famous “Goulash” soup, the goose liver, the Pick salami, and many more delicacies of Hungarian cuisine.

If you spend enough time with Hungarians they are likely to start telling you how many Hungarian inventions there are. Here are some of the most impressive inventions and achievements from Hungarians.

Ford T Model car, the telephone exchangedigital computing, Rubik’s Cube, ballpoint pensoda water machine, safety match, Vitamin C, the principle behind the first plasma TV and flat-panel TV,  Microsoft applications Word and Excel, the modern electric transformer, the holography – the process of creating 3D images – the hydrogen bomb, the nuclear chain reaction,  – all came from Hungarian inventors’ heads.

Hungarians are also great inventors in the medical field.

Bioptron lamp, Sonotherapy, Arteriograph, Needles injectors – are all prove to Hungarians ingenuity.

REXTRA Ltd. is an important player on this field of medical device design, invention, production and trade. The company was founded in 1990. With its sales network consists of 25 shops it is the largest medical product distributor in Hungary.

REXTRA offers more than 8,000 different medical items. It designs and produces several products (see on REXTRA website). Its policy is to make all the items available to its customers in one place at the most competitive price level.

All the items distributed by REXTRA are CE marked. The company owns the latest ISO 9001:2008 approval.